If you are considering investing in property, a typically resource-heavy asset class, working with a property investment company can save you many headaches while still allowing you to maximize profits and diversify your portfolio. Whether you are a new investor looking for guidance and a secure way of entering the market, or you are an experienced investor looking for a hands-off investment opportunity, property investment companies offer a range of advantages for all types and profiles of investors.

Unfortunately, though, not all property investment companies have the same experience or can guarantee the returns they claim to. …

After four and a half years of talks and negotiations, the United Kingdom and European Union reached a Brexit deal on 24 December 2020. Although a momentous occasion and marking the end of seemingly endless negotiations, the deal’s impacts have yet to truly materialise. As it stands, local British homeowners and overseas investors alike are keeping a close eye on how it affects the property market. …

Let’s take a look at some of the key initiatives and growth projects supporting the strong investment case for Newcastle’s real estate market.

Famed for its industrial heritage and lively nightlife, today Newcastle upon Tyne is known for being at the forefront of the UK’s life sciences and green energy ambitions. It is now the 8th most populous urban area in the UK with approximately 1.6 million people.

As an affordable location attracting both public and private investment, exciting opportunities are emerging within the city and wider region.

What is in store for Newcastle beyond 2020?

An Extensive Regeneration Programme

Newcastle is set to benefit from the North of Tyne devolution deal…

Prime property is defined as the most desirable, and oftentimes central, property in a region

It is also closely correlated to where demand has a significant international bias.

A Whole New Property Investment Landscape

At the turn of the decade, COVID-19 began to sweep mercilessly through the nations. The world responded with a lengthy lock-down. With no choice in the matter, distance-learning and remote-work became common practice as economies struggled to accommodate the changes. In essence, we catapulted several stages into the future.

As we continue to navigate through this unchartered terrain, sectors which previously would have never considered managing their operations online, now see that…

High Speed 2 (HS2) is the largest infrastructure project in Europe and were finally approved by Boris Johnson in February 2020

The largest infrastructure project in Europe and will form the backbone of the UK’s transport network, connecting eight out of ten of the UK’s largest cities, as outlined in the HS2 — Our Story and Key Facts publication.

The astute investor sees an opportunity

Covid-19 has brought forth a wave of global trepidation impacting health, job-security and finances.

After being declared a pandemic by the World Health Organisation (WHO), the financial markets took a turn for the worse. Extremely volatile movements occurred within all the major stock markets and heavily impacted the FX rates. Uncertainty reigned supreme while investor confidence plummeted.

Due to the panic, many firms across the world dumped assets in a bid to raise cash. Even as over 50 global economies announced financial measures to stimulate their economies and reduce job losses, it has taken…

Small is beautiful -and the news is out.

Europe is abuzz with change, and new lifestyles are being embraced. In Germany, for example, the Federal Statistical Office predicts that by 2040 one in four people will live alone -a vastly different outlook from the turn of the century. Millennials are getting married later, putting careers first in a fierce focus on independence. And with time a rare commodity, people don’t want to waste it on a long commute.

Enter the growing lifestyle trend of micro-living. Otherwise known as the future of making limited space work in flourishing European cities. Expansive…

uk budget 2020 foreign investment
uk budget 2020 foreign investment
The UK is, indisputably, a world-renown hotspot for foreign investment.

As a country that continues to lead many industries, it is hardly surprising that the demand for housing shows growth despite the global economic slowdown.

Investor confidence here is anything but fickle. The very year the Brexit vote occurred; Britain hit a record high for foreign direct investment. The net value jumped from £25.3 billion in 2015 to a staggering £145.6 billion in 2016 — the largest yearly value recorded in a decade (Reuters, 2017).


What makes it so popular among would-be investors?

Portugal’s Golden Visa programme has become hugely popular among non-EU citizens looking to invest in Portuguese property.

Since the Portuguese government launched the scheme in 2012, it has generated an impressive EUR3.9 million in foreign investment and has become a recognised incentive for property investors worldwide.

But how exactly does the programme work and what makes it so popular among would-be investors? Check out our guide to get the low-down.

Q1: what is the golden visa programme?

Portugal’s Golden Visa programme is essentially a government scheme which offers citizens of non-European Union countries the opportunity to obtain residency —…

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